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Ensuring publishers in the MENA region monetize their traffic efficiently and creatively

One of the best-performing ad units for publishers with high viewability rates and strong CPM. Scale your revenue with top-quality leaderboard display ads.

Showcase your ads either to the left or the right side of the webpage with mid-page unit display ads that create a lasting impression on the users.

Amp up your game with half-page unit display ads or Monster MPU vertical ad format that delivers high performance and improved revenue.

Improve ad viewability and performance with sticky ads, a fixed ad unit that stays visible while the user scrolls the website’s content.

Interstitials are fast-loading skippable ads that can be customized as per the requirements and help drive additional monetization for publishers.

Present your brand, product, or service in a native video-based ad format that appears on YouTube Home feed across all devices and reaches millions of potential users.

Achieve your goals with skin ad that appears in the background on both sides of the web page and is clickable, delivering high conversion.

Encourage your website visitors to click on the advertisements with overlays or banner ads that are effectively placed on strategic locations throughout your real estate.

This unique ad format allows publishers to monetize their app load screens when the user brings your app to the foreground while allowing them to close it anytime.

Boost your revenue by allowing consumers to purchase products directly through the shoppable ad format that they were served using an embedded storefront.

Catch your audiences’ imagination with high-quality video ads played before, during, or after the streaming video that the consumer has requested.

Leverage the potential of out-stream video ad format that autoplay in a large format player whenever a user navigates to it within text content, even if the publisher does not have their video content

Significantly improve your performance with a non-intrusive video ad unit that blends the power of interstitial ads with scroll interaction and delivers very high engagement.

Customize ads for different users through digital product placement that allows publishers to introduce new ads in the future and remonetize a piece of content over and over.

Massively improve user interaction by allowing them to watch and engage with a video ad in exchange for a reward within the app.

This unique ad format allows publishers to monetize their app load screens with video ads when the user brings your app to the foreground.

Seamlessly reach your potential audience with engaging branded content that emotionally connects with them and drives value-added information over direct sales.

Increase your revenues by seamlessly aligning your native advertisement with affiliate marketing content like listings, tutorials, and product comparisons.

Effectively monetize your website and provide a better user experience to your customers with an in-feed ad format that can be customized to match the look and feel of your content.

Create your own native ad formats by defining the custom list of assets that allows publishers to pass arbitrary image and string data to their apps.

Take your user experience to the next level by recommending appropriate content to individual users, creating dynamic webpage content for visitors, and suggesting products for shoppers.

High-quality social media posts that attract user’s attention and deliver high performace for the publishers.

Advertise effectively with social media video ads tailored for each social platform, delivering specific results.

An immersive ad format that brings stories to life. Present your ad in between the organic stories posted on Instagram by users, creating a lasting impression.

Showcase full-screen vertical ads between the Instagram reels posted by users. Take advantage of a highly-engaged audience.

Present your audio ads to the customers right before the content the user has selected, creating a better brand recall and higher conversion.

Leverage podcasts as a medium to deliver your audio ads to the relevant and highly-engaged audience who interact with ads more favorably

Earn even if the user is not visiting your websites with push notifications – the monetization tool that drives instant subscription revenue for the publishers.

Place your ads on the home screen and be in front of your audience when they start browsing content.

Treat your potential customers with enhanced advertisement experience with a halo ad unit on the CTV home screen.

With innovative wedge ads placed vertically on the home screen, grab the attention of your audience that leads to more conversion.

Reach a growing tribe of cord-cutters and cord-nevers through unskippable creative video ads that deliver significant results.

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Monetize and measure your user engagement with our proprietary technology

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Grow your revenue significantly through multiple avenues that monetize any traffic on your website and app

Brand Safety

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We ensure that your ads are placed on premium publisher platforms with no fraudulent traffic and negative keywords blacklisted

Proprietary Technology

No reliance on third-party

ThePubverse's proprietary technology ensures that publishers monetize their entire traffic within the data-privacy regulations

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Intuitive platform to launch
your campaigns

Our self-serve platform lets publishers and advertisers in MENA launch campaigns and scale business through user-friendly automated processes

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