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ThePubverse, ArabyAds’ Publisher Monetization Platform, Partners with Nativo to Revolutionize Advertising in the MENA Region

ThePubverse Team | December 18, 2023

Dubai, UAE / 18th Decmeber 2023 – ThePubverse, a leading publisher monetization platform by ArabyAds, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Nativo, where brands unlock the power of content to engage and influence their audiences, to introduce ground-breaking advertising solutions in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. This collaboration aims to transform the landscape of digital advertising by enhancing targeting, attribution, and monetization capabilities.


Imad Sarrouf, CEO of ThePubverse, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “The integration with Nativo marks a significant milestone for digital advertising in the MENA region. By merging Nativo’s advanced branded content platform with ThePubverse’s robust publisher monetization technology, we aim to provide advertisers and publishers with unparalleled tools for creating engaging native ads that seamlessly blend into the user experience.”


Nativo’s platform empowers publishers to develop and distribute high-quality native advertising that seamlessly integrates into their websites. This allows ad operations teams to deliver native branded content in various formats, including video, images, and text, ensuring a non-disruptive and engaging user experience.


This collaboration between ThePubverse and Nativo is poised to revolutionize advertising strategies in the MENA region. By leveraging Nativo’s capabilities, ThePubverse will enable advertisers to create compelling native ads that resonate with target audiences, fostering enhanced engagement and interaction.


ThePubverse’s integration with Nativo introduces a new era of addressability across the MENA digital advertising landscape. Through this partnership, advertisers and publishers gain access to advanced tools for precise audience targeting, accurate attribution, and efficient monetization strategies.


This partnership signifies a commitment to elevate digital advertising experiences in the MENA region, providing innovative solutions that benefit advertisers, publishers, and consumers alike.


About ThePubverse

ThePubverse, a division of ArabyAds, stands at the forefront of digital advertising innovation in the MENA region. It is a dynamic and comprehensive publisher monetization platform that empowers publishers with advanced tools to maximize revenue streams while ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. With a commitment to technological advancement and a deep understanding of the MENA market, ThePubverse is poised to redefine how advertisers connect with their audiences and how publishers optimize their monetization strategies.


About Nativo

At Nativo, we enable brands to unlock the power of content to engage and influence their audiences. Our patented technology leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate the distribution of content in a non-interruptive, fully integrated experience within trusted environments. Our mission at Nativo is to solve the mid-funnel and drive consideration by making content as easy to execute, scale, and measure as advertising.


Founded by Justin Choi in 2010, Nativo is an Asian American-owned technology company—certified by NMSDC as a Minority Business Enterprise—holding more than a dozen patents in its proprietary technology and working with more than 7,000 premium publisher websites around the globe. Learn more at

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